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TV production

Sometimes pictures just can't do justice to your listing.  We'll create a custom, affordable video package that will tell the entire story!

Are you tired of low quality television spots?  So are we!  There's no business too big or small for one of our commercial productions.

Radio Production

LJK Creation is capable of voice over work, spot production and everything related to selling your product on the radio.

Collateral  materials

We work with you to develop and deploy a marketing strategy that you can be proud of.  Flyers and brochures are no problem!

Social Media

Sometimes you're just too busy to focus on your Social Media presence.   Let LJK Creation manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!


We have a simple philosophy.  Don't lie, don't cheat and don't steal.  We'd be glad to answer questions about a project, even if it isn't ours.

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